Relaxed experience
with an Open MRI.
• FASTER imaging: patient spends less time
• BETTER imaging: patient comfortably positioned
• FREE private roundtrip transportation
• SAME DAY scheduling for urgent needs
Patient care delivered with
compassion, comfort,
and professional expertise.

Miami Open MRI offers you a comfortable and relaxing imaging experience 


Comfort and relaxation

Does a “closed” MRI environment makes you feel anxious or claustrophobic?

Our OPEN and very short bore magnets, as well as our caring and understanding staff will give you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Warm welcoming smiles, a reassuring explanation of the procedure, a hand to hold in a comforting environment and technological excellence are what make Miami Open MRI the best choice for your Open MRI testing.


What is an “open” MRI?

An open MRI is a technology that allows the patient to comfortably relax while being examined in an open environment without having to be encased in a tube.

The magnets themselves can be moved to be properly positioned where the patient needs them, so the patient is only surrounded by the machine exactly where they are being scanned. For example: only for an abdominal scan, or just the head, chest, or feet would be ‘open’ and not encased in a tube or in the machine


Miami Open MRI Advantages

Patient spends less time: Miami Open MRI reduces the overall time needed to perform the imaging, resulting in better compliance from the patient being still during imaging.

Our patients can be comfortably placed in multiple positions to get the best image possible, (old “closed” MRI, lays patients mostly flat on their backs and not move).

Our patients enjoy free private transportation to and from our office.


Faster- Better- Free Transportation.
Yes: we offer same day after hours for urgencies, …we never say “no”!

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Fort Myers

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