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Mri Miami Beach

Mri Miami Beach

How To Prepare For MRI In Miami Beach

Before going for an MRI scan in Miami Beach, there are certain things you need to know. As a matter of fact, you need to inform your doctor about your health problems, if any. Let him know whether there’s a possibility you are pregnant. And if you have any recent allergies or surgeries, do well to tell your doctor.

It is important to understand that although the magnetic field is not destructive, certain medical devices can malfunction as a result of it. To this end, it is crucial to let the technologist know about any metal or device you possess in your body. Though there are relatively no risks associated with most orthopedic implants, it is, however, good you let them know so they can guide you aright.

Before your exam, ensure to follow every guideline about eating and drinking. It is important to know that not all guidelines are the same as they vary between facilities. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and leave your jewelry at home. Patients may only be allowed to wear their own clothing if it has no metal fasteners and is loose-fitting. But in most cases, they are instructed to put on gowns during the exam. Prior to the exam patients who have anxiety or claustrophobia may require a mild sedative.

Preparing for an MRI in Miami Beach may require you to do certain things. Here are some of them.

Get a contrast material injection

You may be required to have a contrast material injected into your bloodstream. As part of the MRI procedure, the nurse, technologist or radiologist may want to know if you have asthma or any allergies, such as an allergy to the environment, food, drugs, x-ray contrast material, or even iodine. Gadolinium, a silvery-white metallic element, is the contrast material most often used for an MRI exam.

The use of gadolinium in patients with iodine contrast allergy is allowed for MRI in Miami Beach. However, pre-medication may be required to achieve this. Unlike the iodine-containing contrast for CT, it is rare for patients to have gadolinium-based contrast allergies. But it is still possible to use it after appropriate pre-medication even if it has been observed that a patient has an allergy to the gadolinium contrast. In this instance, there is need to obtain the patient’s consent.

Talk about any serious health problems

If you have any recent surgeries or you have any serious health issues, it is highly important to let the radiologist know about them. There are certain health conditions that may hinder you from receiving gadolinium contrast for an MRI in Miami Beach. If you have a liver transplant or a kidney disease, you may be prevented from receiving the injection. In order to determine proper efficiency of the kidneys, you will be required to perform a blood test.

Check for pregnancy.

Although body MRI is commonly used to ensure safe monitoring of a baby in the womb, women need to always let their technologist or physician know if there could be any possibility of being pregnant. Though there have been no reports of any ill effects of the use of MRI on pregnant women or the babies in the womb, however, it is highly advisable that this exam should not be conducted for women in the first trimester of pregnancy, due to exposure to a strong magnetic field.


Mri Miami Beach
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