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Coral Gables Mri

Coral Gables Mri

Answers To Common Health Concerns With Coral Gables MRI Facilities

A Coral Gables MRI facility does have a bit of mystery involved in it. The ability to see inside living bone and tissue seems almost miraculous even to those who have training in the field and understand the science.

MRI has been used in medicine for almost 50 years. Coral Gables MRI facilities use the latest technology and follows all federal and state guidelines and laws that protect patients from injury.

The following are the most frequent patient concerns.

1) Certification in Safety

Technicians, the facility director, and a safety officer receive specialized training from universities that qualify them for certification by the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety. The Board provides the latest information that protects patients.

2) Metal Implants

The heart of an MRI is a large magnet. The magnet will produce changes in the function of some metallic medical devices. Devices that contain iron are the most problematic. The devices that cause the most problems with an MRI are pacemakers, cochlear implants, and aneurysm clips. Implants made of titanium can also be a problem.

Metal fragments from war wounds or work injuries can cause serious and life threatening problems with an MRI. Coral Gables MRI facilities do a complete and through medical history to prevent problems. Physicians are not clairvoyant. The patient must inform the physician and technician about any metal in their body that could cause a problem with an MRI.

3) Projectiles

The strength of the magnets used in an MRI can cause metallic objects to fly across a room. This quality caused injury and a few deaths in the early days of MRI. The present state of MRI technology either eliminates metal from the test area or secures any metal so that it will not become a projectile.

4) Genetic effects

One study that claimed that MRI produced breaks in the DNA molecule received significant notice in the medical community and media. Several attempts to replicate the results failed. Studies in animals and humans have shown that MRI tests do not produce any genetic changes.

5) Peripheral nerve stimulation

Early versions of MRI devices used enough energy to make the nerves twitch and tingle. Present technology has reduced the energy level used below the amount that causes nerves to fire.

6) Heating

The energy produced in an MRI can be absorbed by chemicals like makeup and body lotions. The patient feels a sensation of heat. A similar sensation of heating can be felt if a person crosses their arms or legs during an MRI. This is the reason that people are asked to not wear any cosmetics and not cross their legs or arms during an MRI.

7) Pregnancy

No evidence has ever shown that an MRI produces detrimental effects to a fetus or the natural development of a child. Extensive studies of the effect of an MRI on the chemistry of pregnancy have found no changes in the production of hormones or the timing of the release of hormones involved in pregnancy.

The Most Common Concern

Claustrophobia is the most common concern for patients undergoing and MRI. A patient’s inability to fit into the device comfortably ranks equal to claustrophobia.

Coral Gables MRI clinics use an open MRI system. The patient is not confined to a tube. The machine can be manipulated to fit a person of any size and accommodate any physical disability. The advantage makes a MRI comfortable and accessible.


Coral Gables Mri
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