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Diagnostic Centers In Miami

Diagnostic Centers In Miami

How To Choose The Best Diagnostic Centers In Miami

Many diagnostics centers in Miami offer MRI scans, but choosing the right one among them is not always easy. Different price ranges, technical aspects, and medical terms make it all the more challenging to make the right choice.

Here are Seven features to look out for when choosing diagnostic centers in Miami.

1. The Cost of The Examination

The cost of examination at different diagnostic centers can vary tremendously. MRIs can be quite expensive especially if you do not have insurance. Hence, you should choose a service provider that offers quality diagnostic scans at an affordable price. Keep in mind that hospitals cost more than private diagnostic centers.

2. The Advancement of The MRI Scanner

The type of MRI scanner used will determine the quality of the image that will eventually be produced. Modern equipment can detect abnormalities in far greater detail particularly when imaging the brain. The magnetic power of the MRI machine ought to be 1.5 Tesla or greater. Additionally, as MRI technology continues to advance, it is advisable to inquire about the age of the machine. If it is more than five years old, then find out if there's been any major software/ hardware upgrade.

3. Waiting Time

Depending on where you choose to perform your diagnosis, you may need to wait for weeks or even months to complete a test. Look around for a service provider that can schedule an appointment and carry out a test to get a diagnosis within the shortest possible time. Delayed diagnosis will ultimately lead to the setback of both the treatment and recovery process.

4. Patient Information

Before the procedure, it is pertinent for the doctor to evaluate the patient's state of health. You should be provided with adequate information regarding the examination to avoid unnecessary fear or doubt. Make sure that you opt for a diagnostic center where you will be given all the attention you need.

5. Hardware Used For The Scan

Whether you need a scan of the brain, knee, breast, foot, abdomen, shoulder, wrist or chest, ensure that the chosen diagnostic center has a dedicated coil for the specific body part. Using an all-purpose coil can have a negative impact on the quality of the image as well as the diagnostic accuracy of the examination.

6. Expertise of the operator

Besides being responsible for executing your examination, the operator also creates images of the needed body part while you're inside the MRI machine. Hence, the operator should be experienced and qualified to achieve a good result.

7. Professionalism of the radiologist

The qualification and professionalism of the radiologist who reads the scan is vital to your diagnosis, treatment, and well-being. You should also consider the specialization of the radiologist as most of them have training in a particular area. For example, a radiologist that specializes in the interpretation of neuroimaging examinations, will likely not be involved in the interpretation of knee, chest or abdominal imaging. Before deciding on any of the diagnostic centers in Miami, ask around and find out details about the radiologist working there.


Diagnostic Centers In Miami
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