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Estero MRI

Estero MRI

Estero MRI: 2 Main Myths About MRI Machines That You Should Know

Even though MRI machines have been around for a while, it is still fascinating to see a picture of the human brain and spine or inside the human body. These machines play a very important role in the treatment of many sicknesses which are done by qualified and well-trained professionals who need an MRI scan to ascertain, with certainty, the nature of the sickness and also take a peek at some internal organs of their patients. This often gives them precision.

The truth is, the benefits of MRI machines are enormous. However, there are some myths and misconceptions about these machines that could impede the proper treatment of patients after the use of an Estero MRI machine to do an accurate scan of the body. Some of these misconceptions and myths will be discussed in this article. So, let’s delve right into the discussion of 3 myths and misconceptions about Estero MRI machines or anywhere else.

1) The typical MRI is unreasonably loud and annoying. The surprising thing about this is that fact that some people who spew these rumors and are convinced that what they are saying is correct have not been inside an MRI machine before! This shows how misguided these sentiments are.

Moreover, it may be hard to describe unless you have been inside an Estero MRI machine. In Estero or anywhere else, MRI machines normally produce noise level that is less than 100 decibels. That does not make complete sense? Okay, try to imagine low repetitive mechanical banging. There is nothing irritating or annoying about it or is there too loud a noise that will make anybody uncomfortable unless you are claustrophobic. If you are, then noise is not the issue.

Even if you are claustrophobic, there are some impressive advances in MRI technologies. You are not going to stay still inside an enclosed space for a while. So, it is not too loud for you to hate it.

2) An MRI machine does expose a patient to high levels of radiation which is dangerous. This is also a myth that you should discard with prejudice. These machine use radiofrequency pulses to excite hydrogen protons. Does this sound like a jargon to you and does not make complete sense? If it does, it would help to think of radio waves that are all around us and are harmless especially at low concentration. Though radiofrequency pulses are different, they do not expose a patient to high level of radiation.

This is what actually happens. When those hydrogen protons are excited, the signals are measured from these protons as they relax to their normal or native state as it is called. Would you like to know the resonant frequency that the pulse is sent in? it is that of the hydrogen proton that is why it is called MRI which means magnetic resonance imaging.

There is no risk because it does not use ionizing radiation like CT or x-ray. So now you could tell not only say that it is a myth but also say why you should discard such rumors.


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