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Florida Open Mri

Florida Open Mri

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Open MRI Scans

It is only natural to have serious questions about Florida open MRI scans and this relatively new form of medical imaging technology causes many patients to have a strong sense of curiosity. A Florida open MRI allows patients to enjoy all of the benefits of an MRI exam without experiencing the drawbacks associated with a more traditional machine.

While certain questions are bound to arise regarding the usage of a Florida open MRI, some are more important than others. Let's take a closer look at the most crucial queries that need to be addressed before making a final decision regarding the role that an MRI is going to play in your medical treatment.

1. How Do Your Machines Work?

If you have never undergone a procedure like this one before, you may not have a strong idea of how the machines work or how they can be used to your advantages. These tests are completely safe and they allow doctors to take a closer look at specific medical concerns that are taking place. There is no reason to worry about excessive exposure to radiation and the scans are designed to be as painless as possible. If you have further questions, the helpful staff will be more than willing to provide you with further explanations.

2. What Are Your Policies Regarding Insurance?

In some instances, the concerns that need to be addressed have very little to do with the machines or the process that is going to take place. While you may find yourself worrying about your ability to afford the procedure, the majority of insurance plans are more than willing to cover your costs as long as the Florida open MRI scan has been found necessary by your primary care physician.

3. How Can I Alleviate My Nerves Prior To The Exam?

There is nothing out of the ordinary about feeling nervous before a medical procedure and the best part about an open MRI is that you have the chance to keep a loved one close by. You can even hold their hands if that is what you need to get you through the procedure, so there is no reason why you need to be excessively nervous. The facility may also be willing to provide you with soothing music that is designed to calm your nerves, so don't be shy about asking.

4. What Should I Do To Prepare?

The clothing that you wear should be easily removable and lightweight. If you are planning on wearing jewelry, please bear in mind that it will need to be removed in a timely fashion. Hair accessories and makeup are best left at home. Dental devices will usually need to be removed and while there are no dietary restrictions, you are required to take all of your prescribed medications.

5. Will My Medical Issues Have Any Effect?

It is in your best interest to let the staff who is handling your procedure know as much as possible about your specific medical history. This is what will allow them to prepare for your open MRI scan accordingly.


Florida Open Mri
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