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Fort Myers MRI

Fort Myers MRI

Preparing For A Fort Myers MRI Scan

Also known as magnetic resonance imaging, MRI is a painless procedure that uses radio waves and a magnetic field to create detailed images of tissues and organs within the human body. Depending on the number of images being taken and the size of the area being scanned, this noninvasive technique can last between 15 to 90 minutes.

An MRI machine is usually a large diagnostic scanner that uses magnetic resonance imaging to obtain high-contrast detailed images in any plane of the body tissues. These large machines are designed as tube-shaped magnets capable of allowing patients lie inside them. Doctors use MRI to examine and diagnose a variety of problems affecting patients’ organs, tissues, and skeletal system.

How to prepare

When preparing for a Fort Myers MRI scan, patients are usually advised to eat, drink, and take their usual medication except instructed otherwise. While in some cases patients may be asked to drink less water beforehand, sometimes they may be asked not to eat or drink anything few hours before the scan. Basically, it all depends on the area that is to be scanned.

In order to ensure that the procedure can be safely performed, the medical staff will always require patients to fill in a questionnaire about their health and medical history. This is usually done on arrival at the hospital. Note that without the signed consent of the patient, a Fort Myers MRI scan cannot be performed. A signed consent is always required for the procedure once the questionnaire has been completed.

MRI scanners are known to produce strong magnetic fields. During the procedure, you may be required to change into a hospital gown. Nevertheless, it all depends on the part of the body that needs to be scanned. For those who may not feel comfortable changing into a gown, it’s recommended that they wear clothes without metal buckles, belts, underwire (bras), buttons, fasteners or zips.

If you’ve got any metal objects in your body (such as hearing aids, dentures, wigs, watches eyeglasses, hairpins, jewelry, piercings etc.), it’s very important to remove them as these objects can affect the magnetic imaging. There is always a secure locker available to store any valuable item.

What to expect

Basically, most people get through a Fort Myers MRI exam without any difficulty. It is a simple painless procedure that requires patients to lie on a movable table sliding through the narrow tube. During the test, the patient will be monitored from another room by a technologist. Communication is usually allowed by the use of a microphone.

Though the use of anesthesia is not usually required during an MRI scan since it’s already a painless procedure, however, a mild sedative can be helpful to calm the nerves and ease the tension of claustrophobic patients. Such medicine will help them feel sleepy and less anxious throughout the procedure.

Patients don’t feel the radio waves or magnetic field created by the MRI machine during the scan. Music or earplugs may be provided to block the repetitive noise like thumping and taping produced by the internal part of the magnet.


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