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Miami Mri

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Miami MRI Safety

Miami patients who find themselves with questions about their upcoming MRI procedures are not alone and we understand the worries that they face. A patient who has never undergone a procedure of this magnitude before often finds themselves wondering about its safety and there are questions that are bound to arise.

There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to a patient's safety and thanks to this list of frequently asked questions regarding the safety of Miami based MRI treatments, patients who find themselves concerned now have the ability to address these issues without having to perform an excessive amount of research.

1. Will I Receive a Sizable Dose of Radiation?

For some reason, the idea that patients who undergo an MRI will experience massive doses of radiation has been allowed to persist well beyond its sell by date. We do not want to get all technical with you here and there is no reason to get scientific about it when the answer is a simple no. While a CT scan may provide you with a small radiation dose, when it comes to your Miami MRI procedure? There is little to no radiation to speak of. This may be a bummer for those who hoped to discover magic powers, but the rest of you can breathe a sigh of relief.

2. What About My Metal?

You are going to be reminded several times about all of your metallic items before the procedure takes place. There is no reason to worry about any hidden metal on your person, as the technicians who are responsible for handling the procedure are more than happy to explain every single pertinent item. Your sole responsibility is to be as forthcoming as possible on these matters and let the MRI facility know about every piece of metal possible.

3. Are There Any Side Effects?

Even with all of the knowledge that we now have on these matters, some may find themselves wondering about potential side effects that are going to take place over the long haul. The technology that is used to collect the images during this procedure is digital based, which means that there are zero long term side effects to speak of. If you require any further clarity or detail on the matter, the MRI facility that you decide upon (or are referred to by your physician) will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information.

4. Is The Machine Noisy?

MRI machines are not always the most quiet thing in the world and while some might compare them to a jackhammer, these machines have become much quieter in recent years. There are also concerns regarding the machine's noise level and whether this indicates that problems are taking place with your exam. While the machine may begin to make excessive amounts of noise at certain points in time, this is completely normal and does not mean that you should allow yourself to worry. Patients who have sensitive hearing are also given the chance to wear earplugs and listen to music, so they are not subjected to noise against their will.


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