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Mri Center Of Miami

Mri Center Of Miami

Preparing For A Scan At The MRI Center Of Miami: What To Keep In Mind

Due to the use of a strong magnetic field during the examination at the MRI Center of Miami, certain conditions might prevent a patient from having an MRI procedure. It is imperative when scheduling your appointment or prior to the exam, that you alert the staff and technologist if any of the listed conditions apply to you. The radiology staff at the MRI Center of Miami will let you know if you can undergo the MRI exam and if it needs to be modified because of your particular health condition.

The following conditions will be put into consideration before undergoing your exam at the MRI Center of Miami:

    History of kidney problems Pregnancy Neurostimulators (TENS-unit) Claustrophobia Skin tattoos Exposure of metal fragments to the eye Implanted drug infusion device Aneurysm clips Artificial heart valves Cochlear implants Vascular stent History as a metal worker Metallic implants and prosthesis Dorsal column simulators Shrapnel or bullet wounds History of diabetes Allergy to iodine, and gadolinium

Other conditions and Tips

    Leave your valuables including jewelry, and other items at home to prevent loss, as they must be removed prior to the scan. If you don’t plan to change into hospital attire, wear cotton clothing that has no metal zippers, buttons or hooks. Bring a list of the medications you are taking currently.

Preparing for the Scan

There is little preparation needed for an MRI examination. Take your medications as you would normally unless instructed otherwise. For the dietary restrictions for an MRI scan, you will be notified accordingly. Apart from that put the following in mind:

    Arrive 30 minutes prior to the exam and complete the screening document. A technologist will confirm your identification and requested exam. The screening document will be reviewed by a technologist in the consultation. If MRI contrast is stipulated for your scan, an IV catheter is inserted in your arm.

What Can you Expect during the MRI?

The procedure's duration will vary. However, on the average it takes 45 minutes to an hour for each body part.

You are to lie still during the scan. You may be told to hold your breath for a few seconds depending on the area under examination.

The body part being scanned is placed at the center of the magnet.

When the actual imaging is on you will hear a loud noise. You will be given earplugs to minimize the sound.

The technologist will give you an alarm button to keep the technologist alert of any form of discomfort you might experience during the exam.

Some exams require an intravenous MRI contrast injection. Call on the technologist if you feel any discomfort.

What About After the MRI?

If you are given a dye injection, the IV will be removed from your arm before you can go home.

An allergic reaction from gadolinium is extremely rare. But if you experience symptoms like hives, rash or shortness of breath, notify the technologist immediately.

If you are sedated, another individual must drive you home after the procedure.


Mri Center Of Miami
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