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Mri Coral Gables

Mri Coral Gables

5 Important Questions To Ask An MRI Provider From Coral Gables

If you are seeking an MRI clinic and you reside in the Coral Gables area, you are bound to have a number of questions and these questions will make or break your eventual decision.

Whether you are considering receiving imaging a certain MRI clinic in the city of Coral Gables or you are in the process of narrowing down your decision making process, the following questions are highly crucial.

A failure to consider the following questions when seeking an MRI could cause Coral Gables patients to receive subpar service, so why not read on to learn more about the most important questions that you need to be asking?

What Type of Equipment Are You Going To Use?

The type of scanner that the facility utilizes plays a major role in their ability to provide you with an accurate reading that is truly effective when it comes to plotting a course of treatment for the illness or disease that you are currently facing. If you would like to obtain the best images possible, it is imperative that you ask the facility if they are using high field technology. These scanners offer a far greater amount of detail than their less advanced counterparts and should be relied upon more heavily.

Do You Have The Proper Hardware?

Did you know that different MRI facilities will have different hardware to handle certain injuries and ailments? All facilities are not created equally and when you take the time to learn more about the specific facility that you are considering, you are able to make a far more educated choice over the long haul. Some clinics rely on all purpose hardware and others have more specific machinery, so be sure to ask before you make a final selection.

Are Your Radiologists Properly Experienced?

The importance of finding out about the experience level of the radiologists on duty cannot be stated enough. Are they properly educated and able to handle the specific issues that you are facing? They should be specialized in reading images that are taken from the area of your body that is being scanned and if they are not, this needs to be considered a major red flag.

Do You Have a Relationship With My Physician?

Once the images have been gathered, the facility must report them to your physician. In a perfect world, the MRI provider that you select should already have a preexisting relationship with your current physician. Choosing an MRI facility that your physician already has a strong level of familiarity with certainly advances your recovery and keeps you from having to go through a great deal of difficulty when it comes time to report the images.

Do I Have A Good Rapport With Your Staff?

When you find yourself in need of an MRI, the last thing you need in your life is a surly staff or a facility that does not take the time to establish a proper rapport with their clients. While this question may seem minor, those who wish to receive quality medical imaging in a friendly environment (i.e. everyone) will need to consider this query before finalizing their choice.


Mri Coral Gables
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