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Mri Hialeah

Mri Hialeah

4 Things You Should Know Before Receiving An MRI In Hialeah

So you have been to your primary care physician and they have let you know that you are in need of an MRI. While some patients might start to worry or fret about this process, there are a few helpful things that you should know before you finally decide to proceed and we are here to assist you when it comes to learning more.

If you are in need of an MRI and you reside in the Hialeah area, the following list of informational tips and pointers will allow you to experience a much easier process. Those who require an MRI and do not read on to learn more before meeting with Hialeah facilities are depriving themselves of these crucial tips.

1. Your Clothes Will Need To Be Removed

It is understandable to be bashful at times like these, but there is no need to worry. The removal of your clothes is a normal part of the process and will not diminish the quality of the images in any way, shape or form. While the backless hospital gown that you are going to be given may not be the most glamorous thing in the world, it is a necessary evil and you will be able to get through this somewhat mortifying with flying colors.

2. All Of Your Metallic Items Must Be Removed

This is another aspect that frightens those who are in need of an MRI and in the process of seeking out the proper Hialeah MRI clinic. MRI machines essentially function as gigantic magnets and when you do not take the time to remove all of your metal items, you are left with an inaccurate reading.

However, you are not going to be trusted with removing these items on your own. Your only job is to be as forthcoming as possible when an MRI clinic in Hialeah asks you to name all of your metal items prior to a screening.

3. You Cannot Move

Now here is where things will start to get a little bit tricky, as the facility has no way of checking to make sure if you have moved and cannot reprimand you even if you do. You are not going to buckled in or strapped down and it is considered your responsibility to remain as prone as possible. Otherwise, you are simply making life more difficult for yourself when the procedure is over and the reading that you receive is not accurate.

4. You Can Still Breathe Normally

Once people hear the part about not being able to move, they may tend to overreact and feel as if they cannot breathe in the manner that they are normally accustomed to. Those who have received CAT scans or X-rays in the past may also be under the belief that they cannot breathe while the procedure is taking place and this cannot be further from the truth. You do not have to hold your breath during the MRI and you do not have to alter your usual breathing pattern in any way.


Mri Hialeah
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