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Mri Miami

Mri Miami

Better MRI Miami Is Open MRI

Most people get a bit tense when they hear their doctor say MRI. MRI in Miami does not have to mean something dire is wrong with you. The test is a sophisticated method of finding out the most information possible in the shortest period of time.

The sooner that your physician knows as much as possible about a potential problem the more likely you are to have less of a problem in treating the problem and recovering fully. MRI has proven to be a life saver for millions. The best news is that an MRI finds that there is no problem more often than the test finds a problem.

The original design of the MRI device was neither patient friendly nor technician friendly.

The Advantages of Open MRI in Miami

1) This size fits all

People come in all sizes. The tube of the original MRI was too small for some large people. An open MRI can fit anyone.

2) The technician can get to you

An open MRI allows the technician to be able to see you and get to you in case of an emergency. The MRI will not harm you. People who are very sick can have problems when having an MRI. The abilities to be able to get to a person in distress quickly and attend to their needs immediately saves lives.

3) No Claustrophobia

People who never experienced claustrophobia before had their first experience in an old style MRI. Those who had claustrophobia simply refused to go in the enclosed tunnel. The open MRI system leaves more than 75 percent of the patient open to the normal world so the possibility of claustrophobia is negligible. Patients can watch television or read during the test.

4) Comfy

Medical facilities make people nervous. An open MRI design allows people to be as comfortable as possible so they are less nervous and fearful.

5) More detail

Despite a lower magnetic field strength, open MRI is enhanced by computerized systems that provide a higher level of detail than closed systems.

6) Faster test

The open design reduces the most time consuming phase of the test. Getting a person to the right spot to be examined is what took the most time in a closed MRI.

Open MRI Lowers Costs

Physicians and patients are used to the norm of added cost with added benefit in medicine. Open MRI does not have this disadvantage of most new technologies and new therapies.

The reasons for lower costs are:

1) The no helium design reduces costs. Purified gases and the systems that keep them cold are expensive. The potential for impurities in the gases that cause magnet failure increase costs.

2) The systems have lower maintenance costs because they have a simpler design. MRI maintenance technicians are specially trained and charge accordingly. Lower maintenance means less down time and a faster return on investment.

3) The simpler design of an open system requires less engineering and architectural design in an existing structure or for a new structure.

4) Faster through put for patients produces a quicker return on investment.

The lower costs of open MRI in Miami can be reflected in lower patient costs.


Mri Miami
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