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Open Mri Coral Gables Fl

Open Mri Coral Gables Fl

Why Open MRI? 3 Reasons Why Coral Gables, FL Patients Will Benefit

Open MRI offers more and more options to patients from the Coral Gables, FL region and thanks to these options, those who are in need of medical assistance tend to benefit greatly. Patients who seek additional open MRI options and do not wish to undergo a traditional MRI procedure are now in luck, as they now have the ability to seek Coral Gables, FL facilities that can assist them.

So why should a patient consider the usage of open MRI? By reading on to learn more, a Coral Gables, FL resident can educate themselves about the most important reasons why they will benefit from the usage of this procedure and chart the proper course for their medical care going forward.

1. Uncomfortable With Traditional MRI Machines

There is nothing wrong with admitting that your body type makes a traditional MRI machine less than comfortable for you. If you are not comfortable with a typical MRI and you need something that allows you to stretch your legs a bit, an open MRI is one of the best choices that you can possibly make when it comes to these procedures and you would certainly be remiss to ignore it.

Whether you cannot fit or you are simply not comfortable, you should be seeking out viable alternatives for the issues that you are currently experiencing. If you are someone who consistently finds yourself struggling to find the proper machine to assist you when you are in need of an MRI, this is a sure sign that you will benefit from seeking out an open MRI clinic.

2. Excessive Feelings of Anxiety

For some, the concept of a traditional MRI is enough to send them into a panic attack and while there are others who will tell them to simply "get over it", this is not a viable medical option for someone who suffers from feelings of anxiety. Telling someone to get over their stress will typically only cause them to feel worse and is not recommended for any reason.

A person who forces themselves to undergo a medical procedure when they are feeling a great deal of anxiety is not only placing their short term health at risk, they are also jeopardizing their health over the long haul as well. If you are worried about a potential meltdown, please take a moment to consider the benefits that an open MRI has to offer.

3. Desire To See Loved Ones

While some patients may not suffer from anxiety necessarily, they may prefer having the ability to remain in close contact with the people that they care about most during the course of their MRI procedure, as opposed to remaining sequestered inside of a narrow space for its duration.

With open MRI, a patient who wishes to remain in contact with their loved ones during their procedure is able to do so with zero difficulties. The concerns associated with a lengthy period of isolation are eliminated and the patient is able to see whoever makes them most comfortable.


Open Mri Coral Gables Fl
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