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Open Mri Hialeah Fl

Open Mri Hialeah Fl

Debunking 4 Common Open MRI Myths For Hialeah, FL Patients

While an open MRI should be considering a major boon for medical patients in the Hialeah, FL area, there are many who find themselves overly concerned about all of the wrong things. Some allow themselves to believe any number of myths when it comes to the concept of radiation, while others fall victim to outdated knowledge.

That's why we are to debunk each of the most common open MRI myths, so that residents of Hialeah, FL are going into the process with a clear mind and an open heart. Let's take a closer look at the following myths, so that you can make a truly informed decision going forward.

1. All That Radiation Is Unsafe

Guess what? You are exposed to radiation on a daily basis, whether you are aware of this fact or not. Radiation is all around us, as it is found in the food we eat and even the air that we breathe. An open MRI that is administered to a Hialeah, FL patient is not any more or less dangerous than merely existing in the world as we know it.

After all, you have already made it this far, right? Don't let yourself believe that the open MRI that will help you get well has the ability to hurt you....for your own sake. Especially considering that...

2. Radiation Is Not Used

In addition to the idea that radiation is not safe or that you will be exposed to some massive quantity during this procedure, it also bears noting that there is little to no radiation used in order to obtain an open MRI image and that these procedures are conducted digitally.

The problem with medical related myths is that they tend to spawn additional myths before we have had a chance to know what hit us. In this instance, all it took was one false rumor to spread in order for a second rumor to take root and we are here to assure you that neither are true.

3. They Are Not Accurate

For some reason, there is a prevalent idea that patients who consign themselves to climbing into a tiny tube and remaining still for an hour receive a proper reading, while those who rely on an open MRI for their medical needs do not.

However, studies have shown that open MRI tends to be much more accurate that the conventional procedure and allows for far greater diagnostic imaging quality. Every nook and cranny of the patient can be explored and by utilizing an open MRI procedure, you give yourself a far greater chance of long term recovery.

4. They Are More Expensive

For many, the concept of new medical technology is equated to the concept of big spending. When it comes to the open MRI, facilities that utilize this equipment actually tend to have a much lower overhead than facilities that do not, which allows them to offer their services to patients at a far lower price than what you might expect. Be sure to bear this crucial fact in mind during your selection process.


Open Mri Hialeah Fl
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