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Open Mri In Miami

Open Mri In Miami

Nine Things You Should Know About Open MRI In Miami

Open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers several benefits for orthopedic, bariatric, pediatric and claustrophobic patients. Depending on your health condition, your doctor may recommend an open MRI in Miami to help diagnose your injury better. Some people may cringe at this idea because of the scary stories they may have heard about getting MRI’s.

Here are some things to note before you get an open MRI in Miami

1. It's Safe

MRI’s are safe mainly because radiation and radioactive substances are not used in the procedure. However, before your MRI you will be instructed to complete a safety screen. Make sure that you provide honest answers to the questions that will be asked.

2. Easy Preparation

You don't have to discontinue your typical daily routine or quit certain types of food before your scan. If you have been placed on medication, continue with its use unless directed otherwise by your physician.

3. It Doesn't Take Time

You don't have to be scared of being in the machine for too long as it takes only takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete an open MRI in Miami. Just remember to lay still inside the machine to avoid starting the scan all over again.

4. It's Painless

It is a totally painless procedure that has no known side effects. During the test, you can simply relax as you will not see or feel anything happen.

5. Don't move

During the examination, it is imperative that you lie still in the machine to produce a high-quality image. Moving can distort the quality of the photos, making it unreadable.

6. No Metal

Before you go into the MRI room, you will be asked to take off items made of metal like eyeglasses, hearing aids, jewelry, watches, hairpins, keys as well as clothing with zippers or other metallic parts. This is necessary because the MRI room uses a magnetic field. You will be given a patient gown to wear or may simply wear loose clothing that is 100% cotton.

7. Tune Out The Noise

One of the advantages of the open MRI design is that it produces less noise than other MRI units. This allows patients to be comfortable while inside the machine. You may be given earplugs to reduce the effect of the noise, or you can choose to listen to music during the examination. Whatever the case, do not allow the noise scare you into moving.

8. You Can Breathe

Some scans require patients to hold their breath when taking the x-ray and this can be inconveniencing.

But with MRI, patients are advised to breathe freely during the procedure

9. The Table Will Move

During the MRI, the table will likely move up and down at least once but do not panic, it is normal. This movement allows for the scanning of other areas.

MRI is a standard medical procedure. Hence you should not worry about complications or exposure to radiation. Remember to stay still during the examination and be open when completing the safety screen.

Additionally, you may want to keep your eyes closed during the test. This will help you feel relaxed and less nervous.


Open Mri In Miami
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