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Open Mri Miami

Open Mri Miami

Debunking The Most Common Myths About Open MRI For Miami Patients

Now that open MRI has become more and more common in the Miami area, patients are utilizing this procedures at a greater rate than ever before. However, there are those who find themselves wondering about all of the myths that have been allowed to circulate regarding the usage of open MRI and the effect it can have on Miami patients.

Fortunately, we are here to debunk and dispel all of these myths and keep them from being perpetuated any further. If you are considering the benefits of an open MRI procedure in the Miami area and you would like to separate fact from fiction, we implore you to read on and learn more about the following myths, so that you do not fall victim to the same hoaxes.

1. You'll Receive Radiation Exposure

There is a pervasive idea that those who allow themselves to undergo an open MRI procedure are leaving themselves open to a great deal of unwanted radiation exposure. We are here to let you know that nothing could be more untrue. Medical imaging and radiation exposure do not go hand in hand and while this fallacy has been allowed to prevail for many years now, we are here to put a swift and decisive to this game of telephone.

While these fears might have warranted a very long time ago, radiation exposure has not been a concern for patients who have utilized MRI treatments for decades now and there is no reason for alarm when using an open MRI machine. The X-rays that will be used during the procedure are produced digitally and you have more chance of being exposed to radiation by using the microwave in your kitchen.

2. They Can Only Be Used To Diagnose Bodily Injuries

Some patients associate MRI machines with professional athletes and while athletes will rely on MRI imaging to assist them with bodily injuries, they can be used to diagnose a wide range of additional injuries and should not be considered exclusive to certain ailments.

Open MRI can even be used to diagnose the onset of certain mental conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease. The brain's nerve path is now able to be tracked in ways that we could have never possibly imagined before. Don't make the mistake of assuming that an open MRI is just for someone who has recently torn their ACL or experienced a musculoskeletal injury.

3. An Open MRI Isn't As Effective As a Traditional One

This myth just might be the most commonly spread of all when it comes to open MRIs and this is another myth that may have had some truth in the past. As the years have passed, the accuracy of the open MRI has increased to a point where it is comparable to the accuracy provided by a conventional machine.

Best of all, this experience is provided to you with all of the anxiety stripped away. What could be better than receiving the care that you need without having to strap yourself inside of a tube for an hour? Thanks to open MRI, you receive all the benefits associated with traditional MRI in a stress free environment.


Open Mri Miami
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