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Open Mri Miami Fl

Open Mri Miami Fl

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Open MRI In Miami FL?

There isn't any doubt that MRI technology has evolved or advanced a bit over the past few years. Testament to this looking back at the past, during an MRI scan, a patient must lie down on a flat bed or table where they can be slid into the tube. However, this has changed over time as we can now have an open MRI.

A closed MRI scanner cylindrical in shape can provide top notch MRI images for the required clinical situation or the right patient. However, there are a host of situations where an open MRI scanner can provide far superior images or very useful images in a situation where a closed scanner fails. In other cases, an open MRI in Miami FL can provide a more suitable situation for protecting the patients’ safety.

An open MRI in Miami FL can accommodate a larger volume of patients. They are typically preferable for plus size patients, as well as patients who are claustrophobic. This article will closely discuss the pros of having an open MRI in Miami FL.

There are a host of advantages of having an open MRI. We will take some of them below:

Removes Anxiety in Patients Who are Claustrophobic

Open MRI machines are unique and come with a wide-open design, that allows the critical body parts of the patient to be positioned close to the middle of the magnet, (that is the area where the clearest images of the affected body part can be captured). Additionally, the open sides of an open MRI machine will allow patients see the surrounding space, thus helping to minimize the anxiety caused by claustrophobia. As a result of the open design, it has become easier for a family member or friend to offer comfort to a patient during the open MRI examination.

There is Less Noise

The design of an open MRI scanner makes it possible for it to produce less noise compared to the closed MRI machine. During closed MRI procedures the patient can't expect to hear louder noise produced by the machine which can make the entire process uncomfortable for the patient. Often some patients are forced to wear earplugs so as to protect their ears thus minimizing any kind of discomfort.

Can Effectively Scan the Difficult To Reach Parts of the Body

Open MRI machines offer great help to orthopedic patients (patients who need images of their limb or it is difficult to center inside a conventional MRI machine). The areas include their hand, wrist, foot or shoulder.

Reduced Costs

As discussed earlier, larger and claustrophobic patients might not do well within the confines of the traditional closed MRI machine. Unfortunately, plus size and claustrophobic patients often have pay more in terms of costs as they have special needs (whether it is sedatives that they need or worse they require a second test in the open MRI scanner if they can not complete the test in the closed MRI machine). Sedatives and re-testing could prove to be quite costly for the patient so by opting to undergo the exam in an Open MRI, you can avoid any extra costs.


Open Mri Miami Fl
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