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Open Mri Of South Miami

Open Mri Of South Miami

Why Open MRI Of South Miami Is A Better Choice

Before now, MRI could only be done in an encased tube. But a few MRI centers in South Miami now offer open MRI where patients do not have to be placed inside any encased tube. More patients have embraced the open MRI of South Miami because of its convenience and several other advantages.

Some of the advantages of open MRI of South Miami have been outlined one after the other below.

It is suitable for claustrophobes

Claustrophobes are people suffering from claustrophobia, a morbid fear of enclosures. There are patients that cannot undergo MRI scan because of claustrophobia, open MRI is their best bet since no encased tube is required.

It produces less noise

The conventional scanning method produces so much noise that some patients usually put on their ear plugs to reduce the noise and prevent hearing problems. In fact, the noise is a big form of discomfort for many patients. The noise is loud enough to discourage people from subsequent closed MRI scanning. Open MRI is a very welcome MRI technique. It eliminates all the discomforting noise.

It produces images from parts that are difficult to reach

There are certain parts of the body that are very difficult to reach. The closed MRI scanner produces poor images of these parts but open MRI machines will do a better job. For instance, patients who need images of parts of the limbs that are difficult to position in a conventional enclosed tube will definitely have to consider open MRI. Good examples of difficult to reach parts of the body are foot, shoulder, wrist and even the digits.

It is conducive for big patients

Patients that are extraordinarily large in size will have problems going into MRI encased tube. Even 7 footers will also have the same problem. This is why open MRI is a very suitable MRI technique for them. It offers more comfort and they are more relaxed during the scanning.

It is better for patients with metal implants

A lot of patients have metal implant due to previous surgeries. Closed MRI scanners produce stronger magnetic field and so the metal implant disrupts the scanning process so they produce poor images. Open MRI scanners produce less magnetic field so they are able to produce clearer images after scanning patients with metal implants.

No sedatives required

Some patients, especially the claustrophobic ones, require some sedatives before they can be positioned into the MRI encased tubes. This is an additional cost. Sedatives are not necessary for open MRI.

Better images

Apart from all the advantages listed above, generally, open MRI produces better images than closed MRI scanners. This is why more patients now prefer open MRI. In fact most of the patients that still undergo MRI scanning in an encased tube are not aware of open MRI technology.

Finally, motion sometimes destroys the images from closed MRI scanners. This is why patients need to remain still during the scanning process. Images from open MRI are less likely to be destroyed by motion. This is another advantage of open MRI.


Open Mri Of South Miami
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