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Open Mri Westchester

Open Mri Westchester

The 4 Patient Groups That Most Benefit From Open MRI In Westchester

For patients who require an open MRI in the Westchester area and are wondering about the benefits of this procedure, they are quite numerous and while some might find themselves attracted to the comfort and convenience associated with this increasingly prevalent medical technology, there are a variety of ways that patients can benefit.

While most are already well aware of the advantages that an open MRI has to offer to those who reside in Westchester, did you know that there are specific patients who benefit immensely as well? There are four different patient groups that benefit most from open MRI in Westchester and by reading on to learn more, you can further educate yourself on this crucial topic.

1. Those Who Are Claustrophobic

Claustrophobia is one of those unfortunate mental ailments that people falsely believe others can simply "get over" and "move on" from and nothing could be further from the truth.

Forcing a claustrophobic patient to climb into a narrow space and remain still for an hour is a form of torture and there is no reason why facilities should still be expecting patients who are having struggles of this nature to overcome them. With an open MRI facility, you no longer have to and the same goes for those who find themselves nervous about procedures like these.

2. Small Children and Elderly Adults

These two groups might seem very disparate, but they each have one important thing in common: if they do not wish to do something, they are simply not going to do it and they are not going to allow themselves to be cajoled into a decision by others.

This is certainly a very admirable trait, until it is time for them to receive a necessary medical procedure. Now that open MRI is more prevalent than ever before, no parent or caretaker will have to force their loved one into a procedure that makes them visibly uncomfortable, a true win/win for all parties involved.

3. Larger Patients

A patient should never lose out on access to the proper medical care because of their size and stature, but unfortunately, traditional MRI machines deprive the big and tall from being able to receive the same quality procedures as their smaller counterparts.

If you are someone who does not fit comfortably inside of a more traditional machine, it is time to consider the benefits associated with open MRI. Not having access to the correct procedures because of your size is not something that anyone should ever have to endure.

4. Sufferers of Specific Injuries

Let's say that you are an orthopedic patient that has recently experienced a fracture or break in an extremity that cannot be read as easily by a conventional machine. While you may have had to undergo a more intensive procedure to find out what you needed to know in the past, modern medical technology dictates that you receive an open MRI, so that you can obtain the medical imaging that you need during the moments when you need it most.


Open Mri Westchester
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