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South Florida Diagnostic Imaging Miami Fl

South Florida Diagnostic Imaging Miami Fl

What To Expect From A South Florida Diagnostic Imaging In Miami FL

Most South Florida diagnostic imaging procedures in Miami FL are painless. However, there are certain patients that find it difficult to stay calm or remain still during MRI. Others are claustrophobic – they tend to experience a sense of being closed in a narrow space. For such kind of patients, it might be good to arrange sedation, however, medication is not often required in most cases.

If you are planning to have a South Florida diagnostic imaging in Miami FL, here is what you should expect.

Will Any Heat Be Felt?

It is important to note that MRI scanners are well-lit and air-conditioned. But during a South Florida diagnostic imaging in Miami FL, there is every tendency for you to feel slightly warm around the part of your body being imaged. There is no need to be afraid as this is normal. However, if this bothers you so much to the extent that you feel so uncomfortable about it, it is good you let know your radiologist, physician or technologist. While the images are being obtained, it is highly recommended that you remain perfectly still.

Are Headphones Allowed?

At the activation of the coils responsible for generating radiofrequency pulses, you may feel and hear some loud thumping or tapping sounds. At this point, you don’t have to worry about anything as the images are only being recorded. While some facilities may allow for the use of headphones so as to minimize the intensity of the sounds produced by the MRI machine, when it comes to South Florida diagnostic imaging in Miami FL, earplugs will be provided for you. Appropriately sized headphones can be also made available for children during the exam. In order to help them pass the time, music may be played through the headphones. As much as possible, you should try to maintain your position without creating any movement, while relaxing between imaging sequences.

Who Else Will Be In The Room?

During the South Florida diagnostic imaging procedure in Miami FL, you will usually be alone in the exam room. However, you can easily communicate with the technologist via a 2-way intercom. Your technologist will be able to see and hear you. Many facilities will permit a parent or friend to come into the room, however, they must be thoroughly screen for safety in the environment due to the availability of a high magnetic field.

Are There Any Other Treatment Procedures?

In some cases, patients may have to receive an intravenous injection of contrast material. You may experience some bruising or discomfort when the intravenous needle is inserted. However, it’s good to know that at the site of the IV tube insertion, there is a low chance of experiencing skin irritation. After the contrast injection has been given, a temporary metallic taste may be sensed in the mouth but this does not happen all the time, as only a few patients experience it.

How Long Is The Recovery Period?

There is actually no need for a recovery period especially if you were not sedated during the diagnostic imaging process in Miami FL. After the exam, normal diet and usual activities can commence immediately.


South Florida Diagnostic Imaging Miami Fl
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