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Stand Up Mri Miami

Stand Up Mri Miami

The Advantages Of A Stand Up MRI For Miami Residents

Thanks to the implementation of MRI technology, the practice of modern medicine has been completely revolutionized. While the conventional MRI machine requires the patient to lay down horizontally inside of a relatively narrow tunnel in order to receive a proper reading, a stand up MRI gives Miami patients the chance to experience technological advances and enjoy various advantages.

Some might find themselves skeptical when it comes to the stand up MRI and may wish to find a more conventional Miami MRI provider. There are others who can benefit greatly from these centers and by reading on to learn more, you can further educate yourself on the aforementioned advantages that stand up MRI can offer to Miami residents.

Sterling Image Quality

One of the most common myths when it comes to the concept of a stand up MRI is that the image quality will somehow suffer as a result of its usage. On the contrary, medical technology has progressed to a point where there is arguably zero difference between the images provided by a stand up MRI facility and one that is more traditional. All of the studies are still reported on by specialists in the radiology field and there are zero concerns when it comes to the quality of the images that you are going to receive.

Eliminating The Concerns Associated With Claustrophobia

The concept of a traditional MRI used to be one of the most frightening things for any patient, but those who suffer from claustrophobia are especially affected and thanks to recent advancements, these fears are now a thing of the past. Just imagine being able to receive an MRI without having to climb into a small plastic tube and lay flat on your back. Conventional scans do not agree with everyone and thanks to stand up MRIs, patients with claustrophobia are no longer encouraged to "just get over" their very real fears and concerns.

Conventional MRIs Are Not Always Suitable

A stand up MRI should not be considered as a competitive alternative to conventional MRIs and in many instances, they are actually a more viable alternative. They are actually a complimentary procedure. They can address clinical issues that the patient is experiencing that are unable to be handled with a more traditional MRI procedure. Some patients are simply unable to benefit from the usual MRI procedures and when these patients are in need of help, the stand up MRI is there to provide them with the correct alternative.

Revealing Additional Pathology

There are certain injuries and medical procedures that cause a patient's MRI scans to come back inconclusive, especially during instances where a conventional MRI machine is being used. All pathology is not always readily identifiable when it comes to traditional MRIs and when patients are in need of a second opinion, the stand up MRI reveals additional pathology that was not identified with the first scan. Lower back injuries and spinal contusions are just a couple examples of injuries that may not be properly addressed with the traditional MRI.


Stand Up Mri Miami
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