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Boca Grande MRI

Boca Grande MRI

How To Prepare For Boca Grande MRI

The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is one of the most accurate and latest forms of radiology. The magnetic resonance imaging scanner is one of the most vital pieces of equipment a radiologist function with. It is very useful, and you can use it to get information on several kinds of diagnostic medicine.

When you are going for a Boca Grande MRI scan, the first thing you need to understand is that body is mainly made up of water molecules (that is one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen). The scanner makes use of the different behaviors of hydrogen atoms while in a magnetic field to create a two or three-dimensional image of the parts of the body it is scanning. The MRI is used for all kinds of diagnostic medicine, ranging from detecting injuries (like spinal injuries) to detecting tumors, to figuring out if treatments like chemotherapy have been successful.

Nevertheless, not every patient will find the experience that pleasing because the process involves lying down for some time in an enclosed space. Also, the machine generates a lot of noise because of the vibrating magnets inside the machine.

When going for Boca Grande MRI, there are just a few steps you need to take to prepare yourself. Unlike some other medical examinations or procedures, you are totally safe and free to take any medication, or drink and eat whatever pleases you before the MRI scan. If you or a loved one is about to go for a Boca Grande MRI, here are some preparation tips that will help you.

You Will Remove Every Metallic Item from Your Body

As a result of the strength and magnetic field generated by the magnet in the scanner, it is crucial that you take every metallic item off your body, such as jewelry or wristwatch. You are going to be scanned for implants of metal, including metal fillings, plates, and pacemakers. However, for the sake of the safety of your items, it is important that you make a note of every metallic item you are taking off your body before the MRI scan, so the doctor in charge of the process will be aware of the items.

Put On Clothes That Will Make You Comfortable

Before your Boca Grande MRI scan, it is of utmost importance that you put on loose-fitting clothes that will enable you to lie comfortably and with ease on the table. Magnetic resonance scan usually takes about twenty minutes to a couple of hours – but the time is dependent on the parts of the body that need imaging. You have to lie motionless on the table throughout the process, else, the images will have a blurred view, and you will need to go through the process again. You will be asked to put on a hospital gown if your clothes have any metal on them.

Don’t Put on Make Up

Sometimes, makeup contains some filaments of metal. There is a possibility that the make-up can interfere with the scanner, and this will yield low-quality images. Instead of taking such a risk, it is advised you avoid putting on make-up going for a Boca Grande MRI scan.


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